Owners of Style Presents (1.1)

These two Spotted together during NYFW are sure two turn heads with there unique style. Jeffery Robinson (Right) Owner of DUModles agency is sporting his custom made Sweat Shop Junkies (www.sweatshopjunkies.com) attire with specially designed stocked pants labeling the brand it self, as well as we have Jason Kusimo (left) owner of Afrisager Fashion Designs. (www.afrisager.com) These two have been collaborating there successful business since January of this year (2016) from fashion weeks to photo shoots

I'm sure these two will working together in the near future. So D'Unleshers, which highly exposed fashion scene would you like to see these two creative business men on next? (Photo by Orville McEachron Photography)

#Models #Fashion #NYFW #dapper #StreetStyle

Your positive input matters and is also welcomed
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